Hello Fans! We are proud to bring to you guys our 3rd game, Vurtue's Salvation.

In this fast and unrelenting platforming game, Vurtue has been trapped in Purgatory where he has only 17 seconds (30 on mobile) to find Salvation before he starts his eternal struggle over once again.

Using Dashing and Vurtue's running speed he must explore and find the exit while dodging traps and dead-ends.

While this game can be beat in under 17 seconds (30 on mobile), don’t expect escaping Purgatory to be an easy task.

If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to reach out to us.

This game is very difficult to beat, so don't be discouraged if you don't seem to get very far quickly. Also don't forget to explore! There are many paths and only 1 leads to Salvation.

Come join our Discord! https://discord.gg/DsS4Gzg


A - Move Left

D - Move Right

Click on the screen to dash towards your cursor. 

We got our first review of the game!

You can read that here: https://daikonmedia.com/vurtues-salvation-review/

Thanks so much for the review! Be sure to check out their sponsors:

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