AD or Left / Right arrow keys to move back and forth.

W or Up to Jump / Deploy Umbrella

S or Down to fast fall

Z/I and C/P to dash back and forth


In this game play as Vanessa, a young girl whose dog was stolen from her by the Devil! Explore the underworld looking for Mr. Muffins while trying to stay alive. In this fun little platformer dodge skeletons, jump over lava, and float your way to the deepest part of Hell! There you will find the Devil and a crazy boss fight in an attempt to save your poor puppy from eternity. 


We are Ivory Crow Games a small game company that strives to make a single game every month. We are very open about our process and would love to get testers to play our games during the month as we create them and give us feedback.

If that sounds like something you would like to do please drop us a comment or feel free to join our community on discord.

If you are curious how we created the game and the process please follow us on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates on what in the world we are building this month.

We would really love to hear from you! So let us know what you think about our game and please leave us a review!

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the game was a little bug in the middle but I liked playing it.